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What do we offer?

Tapering charges in function of the number of slot or the number of month’s involvement. A price list is available as well as a precise description of our services.
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Mode de paiement

You can choose two payment methods : credit card or credit transfer. Thus you don’t have to wait: as soon as you have paid, your server is available !
Payment is secured whatever the method you choose, the online credit card payment is supplied by our bank.
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Is Mumble cheaper ?

In opposition to TeamSpeak, Mumble is a free and gratuitous system. The retailers have no license fee to pay to host mumble servers. However we cannot propose it gratuitously, the price amounts to the server architecture as well as the service we are proposing.
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How to use Mumble ?

We make a tutorial and a F.A.Q. about the use of your Mumble server at your disposal, to know how to define its parameters but also to know how to do in case of problem.
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Our Mumble servers

  • Boundless bandwidth.
  • Your server is immediately active.
  • You have entire control from your account.
  • Cuts and failures are perfectly controlled, rare and quickly solved.

Why should you choose us ?

  • Our prices are the cheapest of the market.
  • We offer a 1 GB FTP space to share the files among members of the same clan for example.
  • We were the first to reduce considerably the price of vocal servers and we will always do the best to satisfy you.
  • We are the first to propose the hosting on demand !
  • We are specialized in vocal servers: quality of connection and service is our priority.
  • We provide a script to put up your mumble server easily on your website.

What is a “slot”?

  • A slot is an available space for a user on your Mumble 2 server.