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Web Script Mumble

Put up your Mumble on your website is proposing that script so that you could put up the users and the channels of your mumble server on your website.

Easy to configure, it is usable only for Mumble servers hosted at Not because of bad will but because it is technically not possible to do it for a server hosted somewhere else.

We invite you to customize your display with our program generator then to use the javascript code on the bottom right, you just need to paste it in a html page in order to put it on your website.

You can find this configuration form, preconfigured on your account on

Personalize your Mumble Web Script

Language :
Style :
Display Channels :
Ppened channels :
Width :
Height :
Background color :  Choose
Text color :  Choose
Character size :  pixels
Backgroung picture :  (http://...)
Server Number (Only visible in your customer area)

View of your configuration

Code to insert on your website